Lesson 0 👉 Welcome to Python

🎯 Learning Targets
I can type and run Python code on my computer and on the web.
I can compare tools for writing and debugging Python
I can use conditionals and loops to solve programming challenges
I can identify pedagogical challenges of text-based coding
I can compare and contrast teaching Python with my primary content area.

🐍 Python

A popular & powerful programming language.

# It looks like this:   
print "Hello world!"    
# and you get back    
"Hello world!"    

Beware the IDEs (of March)

IDE = Integrated Development Environment

For those of us that didn't study computer science...

IDE = “software for writing software”

I’ll recommend a few different solutions, depending on the age of the student’s you’re working with, your own tech comfort, and the ease with which you can install software on your classroom(s) computers:

Tool Good for… When to leave it…
Trinket Beginners. Login with Google. No installs needed. Helpful hints. To learn how code is actually written.
IDLE What you get for installing Python. Nothing to configure. If you can install PyCharm…
PyCharm (EDU Edition) Projecting on a screen. Professional Python development. If you prefer…
Some Text Editor (Atom, Sublime Text) Everything Never. This is your tool chest, your Swiss Army Knife, your duct tape.