Project 1 🛠 GPA Calculator

⏳ A little Review

Python understands data in the form of __, __, and _____.

Use your IDE of choice to find out what these do, noting the effect in #comments.

print len("strings!")
print "strings".lower()
print "strings".upper()
print "strings".capitalize()
print str("strings!")
print type("Hello there, children.")

What’s wrong with this code?

print "The meaning of life is" + 42
# How can we fix it?

GPA Calculator

In this assignment, you’re going to create an app to calculate your GPA. The code will look something like this: python # variable = input("question?") math = input("What's your grade in math?") # What happens if you try this? - [ ] How many inputs do you need? - [ ] What kind of data do you get back from an input?

Try this to find out a type of data:

  print type(input("What's your grade in math?"))
Create a variable for each class (at your school) ☑️
Make each variable an input ☑️
Add up the value of each class… ☑️
…divide by…you know ☑️
Tell the user their average ☑️