Project 2 πŸ›  Quiz App

❗ Pop Quiz!

(That you are writing)

harry_potter = raw_input("What's Harry Potter's middle name?")
if harry_potter.lower() == "james":
   print "You're ok"
   print "Expeliarmus!"

grace_hopper = raw_input("Grace Hopper coined what Computer Science term? A) Byte, B) Bug, C) Iterate, D) Function")
if grace_hopper.lower() == "b":
   print "You remembered!"
   print "No! You make me sad..."
Specification Points
10 or more questions. 1
Let the user know if she gets the question correct. .5
Print a message depending on the user’s answer. .5
Anticipate errors (For example, if the answer is β€œa”, would β€œA” also be acceptable?) 1
Extension Β 
Figure out how to add up correct answers and tell the user her score. .5
If you have the user enter non-numeric answers, think and cover the different ways a user could enter a correct answer. .5