Algorithms & Language

Learning Targets

Activity 0: Creating Algorithms ✈

0⃣ Write an algorithm for making a paper airplane.
1⃣ Your partner must follow instructions exactly.

How can you use if and else in your instructions? What are if...else… statements called?

When can you safely use repeat in your instructions? What is that called?

Were you instructions as clear as you thought? How did ambiguity get in your way?

Activity 1: Minimum 🎴

This activity will help us compose more specific algorithms.

The AP CS Principles definition of algorithm:

✨Algorithms are precise sequences of instructions for processes that can be executed by a computer and are implemented using programming languages.✨

Task: Write an algorithm to find the card with the lowest value in the row of cards.

Activity 2: 🤖 Language Algorithms

Instead of writing our own commands, what happens if we agree on a set of simple commands?