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What does it mean to initialize a variable? Why do we need to do that when programming? What does it mean to increment a variable? What does it let us do? Why should we pick meaningful names for variables in our code?

From the AP:

Program instructions may involve variables that are initialized and updated, read, and written
Meaningful names for variables and procedures help people better understand programs.

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Specification Points
Your canvas must resize to the window. 1
User created variables for x position, y position, x direction and y direction 3
Conditionals for the left/right and top/bottom edge of the screen 1
New Stuff! !!
Make your ellipse change color when it hits the edge 1
Add another shape (ellipse(), triangle()) and make it move separately 1
When a key is pressed either change the shape or the size of the shape 1
Ball bounces using only 2 conditionals 2
Total: __ / 10