🌐 The internet is for everyone

So far everything we’ve done has been two people talking using one wire. The internet is a bit bigger than that.


When you enter a web address in a browser and hit enter, what happens? At some point you see the web page in the browser, but what happens in between? What are all the steps?

Write down the series of things that you think (or have heard) happen right after you hit Enter. What happens first, second, third and so on. It’s fine if you leave gaps, just write down everything you can think of.



With a partner, skim the document and look at the 9 β€œInternet is for everyone - but it won’t be if…” challenges laid out at the end.

With your partner pick one or two of the challenges that are the most meaningful to you, or relate to some experience you’ve had in your life.

Synthesize Complete these prompts:

The internet is for everyone because…
The internet is for everyone but…
The internet is for everyone so…