🐒 Day 1

Do Now (in Classroom)

What are the smallest and biggest numbers that will print?

for x in range(42):
   print (x + 1)

🐒 Turtle Python

A module that we are going to use to extend Python, allowing us to make graphics.


Commands Example: What this does β†’
Naming leonardo = turtle.Turtle() Names the turtle leonardo
Change shape leonardo.shape(β€œturtle”) Makes a turtle appear instead of a triangle Available shapes are β€œarrow”, β€œturtle”, β€œcircle”, β€œsquare”, β€œtriangle”, β€œclassic”
Movement (pixels) leonardo.forward(75), leonardo.backward(75) Moves forward 75 pixels, Moves backwards 75 pixels
Turning (degrees) leonardo.right(70), leonardo.left(70) Turns right 70 degrees, Turns left 70 degrees
Color (string) leonardo.color('red') Changes the turtle and drawing color. Click here for more colors.

…and many more.

Practice (in repl)

Click here to access 🐒 Python Turtle Practice

βœ… Change turtle name
βœ… Set pen size to 5
βœ… Set turtle speed to 0
βœ… Change pen color to a color you like
βœ… Give the turtle a shape
βœ… Draw a square
βœ… Draw a square using a loop
βœ… Draw a square using a loop and stamp each corner