🎯 Revising Learning Targets

Why are these bad 🎯 Learning Targets?

1⃣ Identify BROAD topics that multiple Learning Targets have in common 2⃣ Identify the skill that is being taught/assessed: reading, writing, or coding. 3⃣ Identify the language(s) that you think would be best for teaching/learning those targets.

Needs Revision

Mastering Learning Targets

A human person cannot possibly master ALL of πŸ‘† these in a single class.

A lot of them are similar or related– can we group them into separate lessons, and teach some of them to some of our learners?

Which ones make sense together? Which ones require a learner to have mastered an earlier target before they can attack this one?

Bonus! Do Now idea (thanks, Jeremiah!)

In your own words, explain what β€œcoding” is