Day 0⃣

🎯 Learning Target

I can create a SNAP login and write functional code in SNAP. I can define algorithm and give examples.

πŸ‘‰ Do Now

Join Google Classroom code 6tneev

In Google Classroom: What is an algorithm?


Computers follow a set of instructions called a _______.

Programs are written in ____.

There are different programming ____.

We will be learning one called ____.

What are you better at than a computer? What is a computer better at?

Markup Programming
Using syntax to displaying information HTML Giving instructions given to a computer. p5, Python
Descriptive Procedural
β€œThe car has four doors!” β€œOpen the car doors!”

Algorithms are procedural.

Lab Time

Login to Google Classroom and complete β€œGetting set up in SNAP.”

Good luck have fun goodbye don’t bother me… πŸŽ‰


  1. What was challenging?
  2. What was similar to programming you’ve done before? What was different?
  3. Why can’t we just program in English?