Lab 4⃣.0⃣ Lists

Create a variable for each part of speech below, and set each variable to hold a list of words that fit that part of speech. Some examples are given, but feel free to use your own.

Part of Speech Definition Example Words
noun person, place, or thing giraffe, monkey, boy, girl, elephant, … people’s names…
verb action word jumps, runs, sleeps, sits, dances, …
adjective describes a noun big, small, loud, silly, young, old, sleepy, …
adverb describes a verb or an adjective quickly, excitedly, angrily, happily, sadly, …
article introduces noun: the book, a giraffe a, the
preposition relates a noun to something else under, over, around, near, beside, …

Write a custom reporter block called β€œnoun phrase” that reports a noun phrase where each word is chosen randomly from the lists you created. A noun phrase consists of an article, an adjective, and a noun in that order.

Write custom reporter blocks like noun phrase for each of the phrase types listed below.

Block name Construction
prepositional phrase preposition, noun phrase
verb phrase adverb, verb, preposition phrase
sentence phrase noun phrase, verb phrase

Write code so that when you press the spacebar, a random sentence is generated and a sprite says a sentence.

Changing Our Vocabulary

  1. Write a script so that when the β€˜n’ key is pressed, the user is prompted for a new noun and that noun is added to list of nouns. After that point, the new noun entered by the user should be able to appear in sentences.
  2. Write scripts to add words to the other lists. Use the keys listed below.
Key Part of speech
v verb
j adjective
d adverb
a article
p preposition