Aim: How can we conduct a Socratic Seminar?

Do Now: Add three additional questions around this prompt: “The less government interferes with the economy, the better”.

before we begin...

  1. Set your goals with your partner.
  2. Coaches, sit behind your partner on the outside of the circle.
  3. If you are discussing, begin looking through the questions for one you want to pose.

suggested goals

Coaches: You will be assessing your partner.

Question Focus:

questions from our class

  • Is individual freedom more important than group security?
  • How did Hamilton and Jefferson's differ in their views of the Constitution?
  • What would Hamilton think of our society and economy today?
  • What would Jefferson think of our society and economy today?
  • Why are banks important? What would happen if we didn't have banks?
  • If we didn’t have a government what would happen to the economy?
  • How did Hamilton change the minds about the federal government?
  • Does the government have to help people? How do they decide who to help?
  • How does Alexander Hamilton impact our lives today?
  • Do you think that Alexander Hamilton would’ve been a good president? Why?
  • How do taxes benefit citizens?
  • Who “won” the Battle Over the Bank?
  • Why does everyone (including the poor) have to pay taxes?
  • Should people pay taxes?
  • Why do people think banks are bad?
  • How can the government not interfere with the economy?
  • What are the pros and cons of the government not interfering with the economy?
  • Why did Hamilton and Jefferson dislike each other?
  • Would the states be able to work together without the interference of the federal government?
  • sources

    # Lesson
    1 Alexander Hamilton
    2 Battle over the Bank