Using your classwork, primary sources, and experience in the seminar, respond to the prompt below.

Be sure to cite your sources, whether they are historical documents or your classmates.

You may write it as a Google Doc or, for extra credit, as Codepen page using HTML & CSS
question focus: “The less government interferes with the economy, the better.”

An essay

At least five paragraphs

Respond to the Question Focus. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Did anything in the Seminar change your opinion of the Question Focus?

Category Outstanding Good Competent Needs Revision

Analysis and Persuasion

Coherent, complex, sophisticated arguments support thesis.

Examines multiple, [historical] interpretations, evaluating the context, reasoning, bias or reliability of varied sources and applies these through analysis to its arguments.

Clearly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly explains and analyzes the connection between all evidence and argument being made.

Coherent, sometimes complex arguments support thesis.

Argument draws on, explains and critiques evidence from alternative points of view.

Mostly clear and thoughtful explanation or analysis of how the evidence supports each argument.

Coherent but rarely complex or sophisticated arguments support thesis.

Some alternative perspectives are presented but not always well examined or integrated.

Some explanation of how the evidence presented supports each argument, but the explanations are not always clear and thorough.

Arguments lack coherence and/or clarity.

Alternative arguments/perspectives are either missing or poorly integrated.

No explanation or analysis of how or why the evidence supports each argument.


# Lesson
1 Alexander Hamilton
2 Battle over the Bank
3 SK's notes from the Seminar. You're welcome.