Aim: How can we conduct a Socratic Seminar?

Do Now: Add three additional questions around this prompt: “After slavery, the Southern Economy continued to rely on the systematic oppression and forced labor of African Americans.”

before we begin...

  1. Set your goals with your partner.
  2. Coaches, sit behind your partner on the outside of the circle.
  3. If you are discussing, begin looking through the questions for one you want to pose.

suggested goals

Coaches: You will be assessing your partner.

Question Focus:

questions from our class

  • How does the history of slavery impact segregation and racism today?
  • Why didn’t southern land owners just get white labor, like Irish immigrants, to do the same jobs the former slaves were forced to do?
  • Why didn’t African Americans go north where they would be treated better?
  • Why did the southern economy continued to rely on the systematic oppression and forced labor of African Americans?
  • Why were southerners never punished for the wrongs they inflicted?
  • What would provide justice for the former slaves?
  • How has racism changed since Jim Crow?
  • How did the systematic oppression affect white Americans?
  • How does race affect the economy today?
  • What is the purpose of creating systematic oppression?
  • Why didn’t the African Americans retaliate ?
  • Who is to blame for systematic oppression?
  • Why does it say “except as punishment for a crime” in the 13th Amendment?
  • What was the point of calling black people “Super Predators”
  • Are there forms of slavery going on today?
  • What impact do past horrific events have on how kids learn in school?
  • How can America teach people what slavery was like in a different way?
  • Do you think students are being lied to when they are being taught about slavery? How?
  • Why don't most American schools teach the reality of what happened in the past and how is related to now?
  • How can reading statements about people who have gone through these systems and terrible situations change Americans views?
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    3 The South After Slavery
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