Aim: How did the end of slavery affect the economy and politics of the South?

Do Now: Open the seminar notes from Friday and review our discussion.

Question Focus:

“After slavery, the Southern Economy continued to rely on the systematic oppression and forced labor of African Americans.”

questions from our class

  • How does the history of slavery impact segregation and racism today
  • Did forcing former slaves to stay working for their former owners really benefit the economy?
  • Why didn’t southern land owners just get Irish immigrants to do the same jobs the former slaves were forced to do?
  • How did slaves learn how to read when they were free?
  • Why couldn’t the slaves just leave if they were free?
  • Why were southerners never punished for the wrongs they inflicted?
  • What would provide justice for the former slaves?
  • How has racism changed since Jim Crow?
  • How does race affect the economy today?

  • my questions for you:

    The first two questions are background. A paragraph for each is fine.

    The last question...on Friday, you asked each other. Today,convince me.

    You must take a stand on the last question.

    What methods were used to keep former slaves living and working in the South?

    Why would white Southerners work to keep freed slaves in the South, and why did the freed slaves stay?

    Our next topic is studying where the freed slaves and their descendants went. What would make them leave the South? What do you think will happen when they do?

    What would provide justice for the former slaves? In other words, what would make it right? Are the descendants of slaves owed anything? Why?