Aim: How can we conduct a Socratic Seminar?

Do Now: Open your paragraph from yesterday.

before we begin...

  1. Set your goals with your partner.
  2. Coaches, sit behind your partner on the outside of the circle.
  3. If you are discussing, begin looking through the questions for one you want to pose.

suggested goals

Coaches: You will be assessing your partner.

Question Focus:

questions from our class

  • Would have the Chicago Race Riots still have happened without a child's death?
  • How would the economy change if every American had a job?
  • How does racial inequality affect the economy?
  • How does racism affect the economy?
  • Does racial inequality have a larger impact than women’s inequality?
  • What is the impact of slavery on African Americans today?
  • Why would declining economic conditions increase racism?
  • What do economic conditions have to do with racism?
  • How will the economy change as more immigrants start to enter the U.S?
  • How does race affect employment?
  • How will the Americans react if the amount of immigrants who enter the United States decreased?
  • What is the role of immigration in the economy of the United States?
  • Are deportations good for the economy?
  • Where does racism come from?
  • How does Racism affect our economy?
  • Why does racism still exist?
  • What would the United States be like if Mexicans never immigrated here?
  • Did Mexican immigrants follow "the American Dream?"
  • sources