Learning Target: I can determine the opportunity cost of investing $100,000.

Do Now (🏫 Google Classroom): What would you do with $100,000?
What is $100,000 worth?

Go spend it

What can you buy for $100,000? Put another way- what is the opportunity cost of investing $100,000?

The Stock Market Game

With your firm, you will be making investments, trades, and sales in order to make profit.

Roles Responsibility
Manager In charge of the team, coordinates other roles and keeps track of time.
Analyst Compiles and summarizes the research of teammates. Checks sources.
Trader Enters and records all trades and transactions. Checks portfolio for errors or inaccuracies.
Reporter Compiles team meeting notes. Reports on activities and status of portfolio.

As a team, decide:

  1. Team Name (using consensus
    1. Agreement among your group, not simply the loudest voices.

  2. A list of rules your team can follow, including
  3. List 3 popular products. Who makes them? Would you want to invest? Why?

The Economist

Write about the impact of a recent news event on a company that your team wishes to invest in.

  1. For example, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 BILLION dollars