Aim: How can we conduct a Socratic Seminar?

Do Now: Make sure that your groups' questions are shared with me.
Scroll down to see your new partnerships.

before we begin...

  1. Set your goals with your partner.
  2. Coaches, sit behind your partner on the outside of the circle.
  3. If you are discussing, begin looking through the questions for one you want to pose.

Surprise! You're choosing your partners for this Seminar and next. Decide who will be discussing and who will be coaching (you will switch the following Seminar).

suggested goals

Coaches: You will be assessing your partner.

Question Focus:

questions from our class

  1. How does the stock market affect the economy?
  2. How does the Stock Market relate to the economic principles of scarcity and opportunity cost?
  3. What makes a successful investor?
  4. Is it significant to make the same amount of money you spent or to make more? What is profit?
  5. Why do we use the Stock Market as a measure of the entire economy?
  6. Why were stocks created?
  7. Why are dividends important?
  8. When you purchase a stock, are you making money or losing money?
  9. Why is the stock market so important?
  10. Is the stock market fair?
  11. Do you have to spend money to make money?
  12. Why does the Stock Market go up and down? Is there the possibility that it will go down drastically again?
  13. Why are there laws about investing?
  14. What's the difference between spending money and investing money?
  15. What are the advantages of being a private company over a public company? What are the advantages of being a public company over a private company?
  16. What is the most important stock?
  17. What are "safe" investments?


# Lesson
1 SMG Day 1: The Value of $100,000
2 SMG Day 2: Investing
3 The Normal Person's Guide to the Stock Market