Respond to the question focus in at least 5 paragraphs. Use evidence from class sources and examples from the seminar to illustrate your responses.

Your essay may be a Google Doc or, for extra credit, as Codepen page using HTML & CSS


In your introduction, be sure to explain:

How do the Triangle Trade and Mercantilism relate to our basic economic principles: scarcity (of land, labor, capital) and opportunity cost?

Category Outstanding Good Competent Needs Revision

Analysis and Persuasion

  • Coherent, complex, sophisticated arguments support thesis.
  • Examines multiple, [historical] interpretations, evaluating the context, reasoning, bias or reliability of varied sources and applies these through analysis to its arguments.
  • Clearly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly explains and analyzes the connection between all evidence and argument being made.
  • Coherent, sometimes complex arguments support thesis.
  • Argument draws on, explains and critiques evidence from alternative points of view.
  • Mostly clear and thoughtful explanation or analysis of how the evidence supports each argument.
  • Coherent but rarely complex or sophisticated arguments support thesis.
  • Some alternative perspectives are presented but not always well examined or integrated.
  • Some explanation of how the evidence presented supports each argument, but the explanations are not always clear and thorough.
  • Arguments lack coherence and/or clarity.
  • Alternative arguments/perspectives are either missing or poorly integrated.
  • No explanation or analysis of how or why the evidence supports each argument.