Learning Target: I can prepare for a Socratic Seminar.

Do Now (in Google Classroom): Why are flowers cheaper today than they were yesterday?


  • Why do supply and demand model our economy?
  • What if you’re a farmer/hunter and grow your own food is it free? Why or why not?
  • Who actually pays for free lunch?
  • What would people do/risk for money?
  • How do companies decide on prices before a product is released?
  • What is the relationship between free lunch and government?
  • Why are prices different around the world?
  • Why is entrepreneurship essential to brining together the factors of production?
  • Is quality more important than quantity
  • Is anything really "free" in this world?
  • How do economies get better?
  • Why are people desperate for oil? Why is oil so important for the economy
  • What does the statement mean “there ain't no such thing as free lunch” mean?
  • What would the world look like if everything was free?
  • What makes a "good" company?
  • Why does money have value?
  • Why do prices change?
  • How does the supply and demand of a product affect the price?
  • Why isn’t Economics just about money?
  • Why are people desperate for oil? Why is oil so important for the economy
  • If oil spills are so dangerous and dirty, why do we still drill?
  • Why would Nike intentionally create a secondary market (allow people to buy and sell the shoes)?
  • How does money lose value?

  • Ground Rules

    1. You will be working in partnership.
    2. When your partner is talking, you are taking notes on their points and keeping track of their goals.
    3. The seminar will last for 30 minutes. You will have an opportunity to reflect after the seminar.


    You will be assessing a partner.

    Work with your partner (whom I will assign) to prepare.

    Decide who will be discussing (inner circle) and who will be coaching (outer circle).

    We will swap roles in the next seminar.


    Adam - Eric

    Alexander - Evelyn

    Alyssa - Jeremiah

    Annalis - Jose

    Anthony - Josue

    Axel - Kathryn

    Brianna - Katia

    Carlos - Matthew

    Crystal - Michael

    Dallana - Nayeli

    David - Noe

    Devonte - Shakira

    Edward - Soriel

    Elizabeth - Stephanie

    Emarie - Yaritza

    Emily - Atiba


    # Lesson
    1 Factors of Production
    2 Supply & Demand
    3 Modeling with Supply & Demand
    4 Supply & Demand Case Study

    Question Focus: